Business idea:

  • To offer advertisement space and company presentations for activities, products and activity descriptions for companies, organizations and associations, that have their activities within the outdoor sports, recreation, athletics and adventure.
  • To build an adventure catalogue, Swedish Adventure on Internet offering the IT @dventure customers optimal marketing.
  • To present current information on Internet with the use of modern techniques.


Our offer:

  1. We establish your advertisement/company presentation or so called "Homepage" on Internet with connections to search words and links within Sweden as well as in other countries.
  2. You are also represented on Internet via IT @dventures adventure catalogue, which is unique in Sweden. (
  3. The Internet address to the IT @dventure adventure catalogue exists at all tourist bureaus and most of the traveling agencies in Sweden, therefore your possibilities to reach your customers increase.

Information in our adventure catalogue SWEDISH ADVENTURE

For example:

The River rafting organizations in Sweden, FoRS, serve us with current information about everything that has anything to do with rafting, for example, index on authorized companies, their standard of equipment and type of rafting (easy, average, difficult). There are also security advice, instructions, and accident report stated.

Other examples of connecting companies:

  • Elk House
  • Grönåkers Farm The Adventure Village on Västanfjället
  • Forsknäckarna rafting company
  • Swedish Whitewater Expeditions a whitewater paddling company
  • Aktiv Fors an instruction company (whitewater paddling and rafting)

In this way Swedish Adventure is a complete, current information base combined with a wide ranged net of today's adventure activities. 


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