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Is a small family business built around a "Per Albin torp".
In addition to the farm there is around 40 acres of land, mainly consisting of gracing grounds.
There are 10 horse's, 2 mountain cows with calves, pigs, chickens and 3 cats.

At Håknäs Hästbruk you will be able to see they old ways in which a horse was used in farming. Experience how the North Swedish breed behaves in it's natural surroundings. Mount one of the North Swedish breed horses as they move through the Swedish forests..

There is also a large gracing field in which many very Swedish flowers grow freely.

Welcome to Håknäs Hästbruk

Håknäs Hästbruk Maria Andersson,
E-mail  info@hastbruk.net
Håknäs 2095, 911 93 Vännäs,+46 (0) 935-24076, +46 (0)10-2483245


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